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AX73 synthesizer and AX Chorus effect bundled with all AX73 preset Collections on sale.

Step into the vibrant era of the 80s and experience the authentic essence of that iconic time with our meticulously crafted AX73 Synthesizer, AXFX effect rack and AX Chorus effect. This exceptional bundle not only grants you access to these exquisite plugins but also includes an extensive collection of over 1200 presets meticulously designed by renowned sound designers and producers.

The AX Bundle includes full licenses for the following products at a discounted total price:


  • Martinic AX73
  • Martinic AX Chorus
  • AX73 Epic Trance Collection
  • AX73 Strata Collection
  • AX73 Status Collection
  • AX73 Holoserica Collection
  • AX73 Forgotten Circuits Collection
  • AX73 Legacy Collection
  • AX73 Doctor Mix Collection
  • Martinic AXFX
  • AX73 Diaphanous Collection