AX Chorus


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Product Info

The AX Chorus includes faithful recreations of the unique chorus fx found on both the AX73 and AX60 vintage synthesizers.

The AX Chorus is based on the ACE modeled MN3009 Bucket Brigade (BBD) chip found in both the AX73 and AX60 synthesizers. Martinic developed their plugin with the chorus 100% the same as the mono input versions found in the original synthesizers and then added the option of making it a stereo effect.


  • Accurate emulation of analog BBD chorus
  • Includes two different models: AX73 and AX60
  • Adjustable chorus rate ranging from 0.01 to 20 Hz
  • Optional host tempo sync from 16 bars to 1/64 note
  • Adjustable chorus mix ranging from 0% to 100%
  • Optional 3-band EQ for shaping chorus signal
  • Stereo input and processing
  • Stereo Width adjustment
  • Output volume control
  • Includes 16 presets


Version 10.9+
Version 7+