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A powerful 80s analog synth, reborn as a AAX/AU/CLAP/VST2/VST3 plugin, with modern enhancements

The AX73 Virtual Instrument from Martinic is a precisely modelled analog synthesizer from the 80s, with many modern enhancements that remove the limitations of hardware from that era. This incredibly powerful plugin is not a sample library; it’s a fully functioning synthesizer capable of creating complex sounds limited only by your imagination. And, it includes over 600 presets to get you started!


  • Two VCOs per layer
  • Waveshapes: Saw, Triangle, Square, Saw + Triangle, Sine
  • Pulse width assignable when using any waveshape
  • Sub oscillator per VCO
  • Pink noise generator per layer
  • Filter per layer (LP/HP/BP) with self-oscillating capability
  • OWFM feature modulates the VCF frequency using the oscillator frequency
  • Stack or split Upper and Lower layers to create unique and complex patches
  • Up to 24 voices of polyphony, quadrupling the original six
  • MIDI Split mode allows two MIDI channels to play the Upper and Lower layers
  • Assign mod wheel control to Upper, Lower or both synth layers
  • Four DADSR Envelope Generators per layer (one hardwired to VCA level)
  • Four LFOs per layer
  • Modulation destinations: VCO, VCF, VCA level, PWM, Resonance, OWFM, Pan
  • LFO shapes: Saw Up/Down, Triangle, Square, Random, Parabola Up/Down, Sine
  • Envelopes can be inverted for falling pitch and filter effects
  • Step function on LFOs acts like sample-and-hold operation over traditional waveshapes
  • Retrigger modes on LFOs and Envelopes including Legato, Poly and other options
  • Poly/Dual/Unison keyboard assign modes, with variable Detune
  • Mono mode with Low/High/Last note priority
  • Solo/Poly Portamento with adjustable Time
  • Arpeggiator per layer with variable Rate and Hold function
  • Modes: Order, Up, Down, Up/Down Incl/Excl, Alt Rise/Fall, Random, Shuffle, Improv, Chord
  • Cycle arp playback through Octaves, sync to DAW tempo and choose gate Length
  • Built-in Chorus with four modes of operation
  • Eight ‘external’ (post synth) effect units with flexible ordering and Mix dials
  • Compressor with Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio and Makeup
  • Chorus with Rate, Depth, Sync and Width
  • Flanger with Rate, Depth, Sync, Feedback and Width
  • Phaser with Rate, Depth, Sync, Feedback and Width
  • Delay with Time, Pan (ping-pong), Tone (filter)
  • Reverb with Delay, Time, Tone (filter), Damping and Width
  • Distortion with Drive, Tone and Level controls
  • EQ with Low, Mid and High bands; Mid band features Bandwidth control


Version 10.9+
Version 7+