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EQ plugin for sculpting the stereo image

Traditional EQs influence the spectrum of the whole stereo field simultaneously. L/R or Mid-Side-EQs allow you to treat the two channels or the mid and the side signal simultaneously. DirectionalEQ takes this concept one big step further: now you can equalize all directions in the stereo field independently! With five bands, each of them providing state-of-the-art filter types (including 64 bit processing and 2x oversampling) plus the unique ability to specify the direction in which the channel is operational. So you need more bass at 2 o’clock, less midrange at 11 o’clock and a bit more treble from the left? No problem at all, that’s exactly what this EQ has been made for!

+ Available in VST, AAX (32/64 bit) and RTAS (32 bit) format for Windows and VST, AU, AAX (32/64 bit) and RTAS (32 bit) format for Mac (10.6 and higher).
+ Directional equalization per angle in the stereo field
+ 5 independent bands, 8 filter types per band
+ 64 bit internal processing
+ 2 x oversampling for a smooth high end