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SKU: 1451-1001 Category: Brand: FinalEffect

Product Info

FinalComp is the next generation compressor plugin with brand-new architecture.VST3/AU/AAXnative compatible.

“Beyond Hard Gear” this is our concept for the brand and products thus it is making a revolution. The FinalEffect plug-ins, developed by putting all the know-how we have accumulated as a mastering studio into product development, offer a new generation of sound world that cannot be reached with conventional plug-ins. The era in which digital plug-ins spoil and narrow sound is over, and the environment in which the ideal sound can be created in the digital domain is just around the corner. FinalEffect, with its ability to create sounds with various characters, will become the standard plug-in of the next generation. This is an ultimate professional tool for you. Features

  • In-house developed sound engine that delivers both powerful sound and precision beyond that of outboards
  • Stereo / Mid-Side modes available
  • Dry/wet adjustment function
  • Input/output gain adjustment function
  • Graphical user interface for easy operation
  • Continuous variable ratio setting
  • Auto makeup function
  • Side chain HPF
  • Variable knee setting