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Harmony Bloom, revolutionizes music creation with polyrhythmic MIDI generation and stunning visuals. Compatible with Windows and MacOS, it offers unmatched creative freedom for musicians and producers. An essential tool for innovative musical exploration.

Harmony Bloom, crafted by Mario Nieto, is a groundbreaking MIDI generator that seamlessly integrates polyrhythmic patterns with stunning visuals. Compatible with Windows and MacOS as a VST3, AU plugin, and standalone app, it revolutionizes musical creativity by enabling MIDI data transmission to compatible devices, enhanced by its visual experience.Distinct from typical MIDI generators, Harmony Bloom offers unique functionalities. The standalone version’s ability to generate audio, with five selectable sounds, broadens its usability. It features a comprehensive control set for musical creation, including a Scale Selector with 57 options for melodic consistency, and various offset controls for sequence customization.The software’s visual component, the Sequencer Visualizer, displays intricate patterns of notes, enhancing the creative process. Key features like MIDI Capture and Export simplify the integration of sequences into digital audio workstations, making Harmony Bloom a valuable tool for music production.Its adaptability is a core strength, with features like ‘Use Input Notes’ and ‘Root Mode’ ensuring dynamic musical responses and coherence. ‘Global Randomization’ allows for exploratory creativity, offering a blend of technical control and artistic freedom.Harmony Bloom emphasizes user experience, providing easy installation, intuitive preset management, and up to three activations per purchase. This focus on accessibility and flexibility makes it an ideal choice for musicians, producers, and composers eager to explore new musical dimensions.In essence, Harmony Bloom is not just a MIDI generator but a comprehensive tool for musical exploration and creation. Its combination of polyrhythmic generation, visual feedback, and detailed musical control positions it as a standout instrument for creative and professional applications.


  • Circle Central: Elevating Creativity with Seamless Note Patterns.
  • Use Input Note: use the incoming notes and create new sequences.
  • Seamless MIDI Control: Activate, Deactivate, and Transpose with Ease.
  • Diverse Sound Palette: 57 Expertly Curated Note Collections.
  • Custom Colors: Adjust the interface colors as you wish, so it looks the way you prefer.
  • Unleash Creativity: Global and Individual Random Buttons for Endless Possibilities.
  • Musical Diversity: Craft Simple to Complex Patterns with 2 to 82 Notes.
  • Total Rhythmic Control: From Quantized Precision to Freeform Flexibility.
  • Probability-Driven Patterns: Dynamic Creation with Certainty and Surprise.
  • Perfect Sync: Integrate Flawlessly with Your DAW’s BPM.
  • Expressive Dynamics: Control Velocity for Lifelike Sound Playback.
  • Interactive Sequencer: 8 Points for Tactical Note Activation.
  • Custom Timing Control: Accelerate or Decelerate Notes for Dynamic Composition.
  • Harmonic Alignment: 57 Scales and Modes for Consistent Musicality.
  • MIDI CC Flexibility: Parameter Control at Your Fingertips.
  • Shareable Presets: Save and Exchange Creativity Effortlessly.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works with Major DAWs and Formats.
  • Streamlined MIDI Export: Effortless Integration into Your Music Production Workflow.
  • Spectator Mode:The spectator mode is an experimental feature designed to provide a cleaner and more focused viewing experience. When activated, this mode hides all interface elements associated with sequence editing. This leaves only the sequencer visible in the center of the screen, allowing for a distraction-free immersion in the content being viewed.


Cpu Intel Core i5 processor / Native Apple Silicon support.
Ram 4
Disk 1
Version 10.13 or higher.
Additional Requirements Native Apple Silicon support.
Cpu Intel Core i5 processor or higher.
Ram 4
Disk 1
Version Windows 10 or higher.