Instant Phaser Mk II


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Painstaking recreation of Eventide's classic analog PS101 Instant Phaser from the 1970s

Released in 1972, the Eventide Instant Phaser began the studio effects revolution by successfully simulating tape flanging, an effect that’s been at the core of legendary albums for the last five decades. Modeled on the original hardware unit, the Instant Phaser Mk II plug-in accomplishes the same legendary sound with all the analog personality, smooth modulations, and inherent musicality. Its capabilities have been expanded, and now you can even take your phaser on an excursion from the 70s far into the future with the delightfully characteristic “Age” knob. Outfitted with a complete host of control options, the Instant Phaser Mk II is out of the rack and into your plug-in arsenal.