Ircam Trax


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Ircam Trax - The Next Generation Voice and Sonic Processing Tools

A suite of three ingenious processors using pioneering technology developed during the last decades by the sound analysis/synthesis team at IRCAM, with innovative signal transformation algorithms for altering sound characteristics such as; pitch, spectral timbre and duration to manipulate properties of a voice such as gender, age and breath.


  • Transformer – Real-time Voice and Sonic Modelling Processor
  • Cross Synthesis – Spectral Envelope Morphing Processor
  • Source Filter – Enhanced Sound Filtering


Version 10.12.6 Sierra and latest
Additional Requirements Mac Pro 1.1 & Mac Pro 2.1 are not supported.
Version 10 – 64bit and latest
Additional Requirements A graphic card fully supporting OpenGL 2.0 is required. If your computer has an ATi or NVidia graphics card, please assure the latest graphic drivers from the ATi or NVidia website are installed.