MC2000 HD v7


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MC2000 HD v7

The MC2000 plug-in has the power and flexibility to emulate any other compressor or create custom compressors, in two, three, and four band configurations.


  • Six different multi-band compressor configurations are available –with two, three, and four band compressors, in both mono and stereo versions.
  • In addition to the standard Threshold and Compression (Ratio) controls, the actual shape and response of the compression curve can be adjusted with the Knee and Bite (Bi-directional Intelligent Transient Enhancement) controls.
  • Multiple Peak Detection Circuits: Every compressor uses a time constant circuit model to detect and track signal peaks and then apply dynamic compression.
  • Analog Saturation Modeling
  • Double precision processing
  • Ultra Low Latency


Version 10.13.x (High Sierra), 10.14.x (Mojave), 10.15.x (Catalina), 11.x (Big Sur), 12.x (Monterey)
Notes 10.12.x (Sierra) may work, but is not officially supported.
Version 10