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MODO DRUM is the first physically modeled drum virtual instrument, giving you most deeply customizable virtual drum kits ever. MODO DRUM’s innovate modal synthesis technology shatters the limitations of traditional drum sample libraries, for a new standard in realistic, natural and customizable drum tracks.

MODO DRUM covers every genre and style out of the box. Enter the Show Room and choose one of the 10 drum kits to use as your starting point. From Black Oyster, to Extreme, Grungy, Plexi, and more.

Each kit has been chosen to represent a particular style, genre or time period, and to give you the widest range of possible timbres and tones.

A powerful customization section lets you adjust every element of every drum, from dimensions to skin to surface to playing position and techique. You`ve never felt control like this, letting you adjust every parameter of the kit in real time.

MODO DRUM also gives you 9 rooms, using convolution for incredible accuracy, 19 studio processors to pre-mix your kit, and 1400 grooves to easily audition and create whole grooves and songs in seconds.