Pianet T


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An innovative electro-mechanical piano featuring vibrating reeds plucked by state-of-the-art NASA-patented plastic suction pads, delivering a distinctive and captivating sound experience.

The reeds in the Pianet T aren’t struck, but instead are engaged by NASA-patented pink plastic suction pads that suck on the reeds until they snap loose and begin to vibrate. Small coils, similar to guitar pickups, then convert the vibrations into electrical sound. The intricate sounds produced by these coils comprise numerous sine waves. In the case of the Pianet T model, it occasionally necessitates the computation of over 100 sine waves to craft its distinct sound profile. To ensure optimal performance without overtaxing the CPU, we’ve integrated an enhanced iteration of the formula pioneered by the seventh-century Indian mathematician Bh?skara ?. This fusion of ancient methodologies with cutting-edge twentieth-century NASA techniques is seamlessly integrated into our plugin, resulting in a harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation.


  • ACE® modeled electro-mechanical reed piano
  • Physically modeled unplugged sound
  • Electro-mechanical pickup model and unplugged model can be combined
  • 5-octave F-to-E keyboard (60 keys)
  • Fully polyphonic
  • Full velocity range
  • 2-channel pickup/unplugged mixer with pan, width, room, and volume
  • Vibrato effect with retrigger, delay, and tempo sync from 16 bars to 1/64 note
  • Harmonic mix for shaping pickup sound
  • Volume pedal, by default linked to MIDI CC#11
  • Pianet N style tremolo effect with retrigger, delay, and tempo sync
  • Digital chorus effect with tempo sync (from Martinic AXFX)
  • Vintage tube guitar amp
  • Classic spring reverb
  • 5 speaker cabinet models
  • Room reverb simulation
  • Vintage or equal temperament (12-TET) tuning
  • Global pitch adjust ±100 cents
  • Mechanical pluck noise level
  • Adjustable reed decay time
  • Extended MIDI note range C1 to C7 (73 notes)
  • Sustain pedal (CC#64) support
  • Pitch Bend ±2 semitones
  • MIDI Program Change support
  • All settings MIDI learnable
  • 32 factory presets


Version 10.9+
Version 7+