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Product Info

Next generation Lexicon PCM 42 stereo delay emulation

Lexicon PSP42 is a high-quality digital stereo delay and phrase sampler plug-in based on the legendary Lexicon PCM42 processor famous for its unique concept and distinctive sound.

In version 2, the original vision of Lexicon PSP42 has been enhanced both in sonic accuracy and feature flexibility. In addition to the lush tape saturation algorithm and emulation of the variable sampling rate delay line that made the sound of the original PCM42 so unique, version 2 now adds even more precise modeling of the hardware’s audio path, in a manner that allows the user to quickly decide on how much of the original character should be used. In addition to the Legacy processing mode of the previous version, Lexicon PSP42 now offers three alternative modes:

Lexicon PSP42 v. 2 adds several new features unheard of on the original hardware, including up to 28800 ms of delay time, adjustable Hi Cut filter frequency, LFO tempo sync and waveform phase adjustment, adjustable input level sensitivity to simulate –10 dBV or +4dBu operation, options to invert the Envelope Controller signal or control it with a sidechain input and four Direction modes to simulate various forward and backward repeat options. It even has a Bypass button that leaves the input limiter in the signal path, providing a subtle, realistic coloration to “dry” signals. All of these new functions are presented on an easy-to-use Extensions panel under the plug-in’s standard controls.

Lexicon PSP42 excels at all types of delay-based effects, from tempo-locked feedback delay with filtering to modulated effects like flanging and chorus. The modulation section uses the PCM 42’s unusual trick of changing delay time by altering sampling rate to create everything from gentle animation and swing to unpredictable alien sound effects. Superior DSP algorithms allow for smooth operation with even the craziest settings, combining the plug-in’s infinite possibilities with unmatched sound quality.

PSP is the sole developer and manufacturer of the Lexicon PSP42. Functionality and sound of the Lexicon PSP42 have been approved by Lexicon. PSP is responsible for all customer support.


  • High quality signal processing algorithms
  • Up to 28800 ms of delay time (depending on internal sampling frequency)
  • Continuous control of delay time,
  • Tight synchronization to host tempo
  • Tape saturation emulation based on the algorithm used in PSP mastering processors
  • Analog limiter emulation
  • A/D and D/A converter emulation
  • Four limiter/saturation user modes
  • Low pass filter to model high frequency absorption, with cutoff frequency tuning
  • Modulation section with three different modulation signal sources (sine, square, envelope detector) mixed in any proportion
  • LFO can operate in free-running (Hz) and tempo sync (beats/bars) modes
  • Four record/playback directional modes
  • Side chain for envelope detector
  • Phrase sampler capability
  • Parameter filtering and on-the-fly crossfades for smooth and click-free operation
  • Support for sample rates up to 384 kHz
  • Extensive preset library


Version 10.12 – macOS 13 Ventura
Version 7 – 11