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Radical Keys Virtual Keyboard

Powered by Propellerhead’s cutting edge Radical Engine, this Rack Extension combines samples with physical modeling to bring out the character and quirks of these legendary instruments. What you get is an infinitely tweakable, instantly playable instrument whose sonic capabilities range from the ultra realistic to the utterly outlandish.Thanks to its combination of samples and modeling, Radical Keys goes beyond just emulating those classic sounds. The Radical Engine lets you blend signals and modeling from different signal chains-clean line recording, amplifier and ambient room mic. You can mix and match between signal chains and even the different instruments until you get the sound you are after. Further stretch the sound with the Character-knob to make your piano more subdued if you want to keep it in the background, or turn it up to its agitated state to make it cut through any mix.Redeem Instructions:For Rack Extensionsex. 1234-ABCD-WXYZ1. Go to shop.propellerheads.se/redeem/rack-extension2. Follow directions and enter the details printed above.3. Download software from the Products page of your user account.