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Rotor Speaker Rotary

Rotor is perfect for authentic organ sounds, old-school guitar tones or as a unique shaper in your sound design toolbox. Whatever you use it for, Rotor will add a vintage flavor to your Reason rack.
The traditional use for a rotary speaker is of course with organs, which is why Rotor comes complete with an included organ instrument for Reason`s Combinator, and a set of expertly crafted patches for guitar, drums, vocals and more for a stunning variety of sounds.
Rotor carefully emulates all aspects of a rotary speaker, down to the independent rotation and acceleration of the horn and drum, and has settings for mic distance and rotation speed. But Rotor also takes the classic rotary speaker design into the future, with two flavors of built-in preamp distortion, control over the rotation doppler effect, the horn`s length and acceleration speed as well as CV output of the rotation, for syncing other Reason devices to Rotor’s speed and acceleration.

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