T-Racks Max


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T-Racks Max incl all T-racks Custom shop

Mix and master with the full power
of T-RackS MAX.

33 high-end audio processors,
one amazingly low price

“The ultimate mixing and mastering suite”

Powerful processing and effortless mixing and mastering are just a click away. The T-RackS MAX bundle for Mac/PC gives you the keys to your very own professional mixing and mastering studio complete with 33 T-RackS high-end audio processor modules that range from compressors to limiters, equalizers to channel strips and more. All of the gear has been modeled after some of the most desirable production equipment of all time.

Taken as a whole it`s a must-have set of sonic tools for sculpting individual tracks and full mixes for the discerning producer, engineer or musician. The T-RackS MAX bundle is the most comprehensive collection of processors from the popular, best-selling mixing and mastering plug-in suite – and best of all, it offers its amazing assortment at a price that`s a full 83% off what it would cost to acquire all of its pieces individually.