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Flexible room reverb w/ movable mics

Developed with legendary producer, musician, and engineer Tony Visconti, Tverb provides an extremely customizable room reverb with some unique techniques and features. Within this virtual room (modeled on the legendary 3 mic technique used to record David Bowie`s “Heroes” in the Meistersaal of Berlin’s Hansa Tonstudios ) you can mix three virtual channels: one main mic with subtle ambience and two moveable mics capturing the lush room reverb. With analog-modeled compression on the main channel and gating on the reverb channels, Tverb is a unique tool for audio with wide dynamic range.Features:2 Moveable microphones to adjust depth of field and room reflectionsAdjustable polar patterns for microphone 1 to adjust the amount of ambient room toneEventide’s complex reverb algorithm with EQ, diffusion, and decay controlCompressor module on microphone 1, just as Visconti had in the original session2 linkable, post-reverb gate modules with control of when the gates close, the speed at which they close, and the length of time they are forced to stay openConsole (inspired by the one used in the session, including Visconti’s ‘grease pencil’ labelling) that provides post-reverb channel processing for each individual mic and the masterRoom mixer module alters the sound of the room itself with control over decay, diffusion, and frequency responseLight weight! Low CPU loading allows you to put Tverb on multiple tracksSignal inversion buttons to remove (or create) phase cancellationMix Lock allows for scrolling through presets or settings while keeping the wet/dry mix constantComplete automation support