Vintage Voice Bundle


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Vintage Voice Bundle for Voltage Modular

Vintage Voice Bundle takes Voltage Modular in a thrilling new direction. Vintage Voice comes fully loaded with 5 modules, SynthVoice, SynthVoice Filter, DCO-60, VCF-60, and Chorus-60 modules.SynthVoice is a complete semi-modular vintage synthesizer, featuring two oscillators, a multi-mode filter, an LFO, dual envelope generators, sample and hold, and spring reverb. It’s like having a classic ARP 2600 synthesizer in your modular rack.SynthVoice Filter puts the brute power of SynthVoice’s multi-mode filter into a separate module.DCO-60 is our crowning achievement. We’ve modeled every aspect of the beloved classic Juno-106 synthesizer, from its self-oscillating filter to its dreamy chorus effect, and built them into a fully-polyphonic module, loaded with patch points, that has to be heard to be believed. We’ve even recreated the entire “A” bank of original factory presets. We believe DCO-60 is among finest emulations of the Juno-106 ever created, and we know you’re going to love it.DCO-60’s highpass and lowpass filter is also available separately as the VCF-60 module, and the lovely chorus effect is available in the new Chorus-60 module.