Vocal Reverb by Auto-Tune


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Product Info

Vocal Reverb is the first vocal reverb plug-in to use powerful AI assist technology. It features Auto EQ to automatically remove mud from the reverb tail, three reverb algorithms, ten pre/post-effects, and two delay types.

Designed for professional vocal production, Vocal Reverb adds ambiance, depth, and emotion to vocals. The next-gen tech and intuitive controls let you easily sculpt professional-sounding reverbs. Vocal Reverb instantly enhances vocals with studio-quality effects.


  • AI Assist for quick optimal reverb settings
  • Auto-EQ powered by patented Auto-Tune Pitch Tracking Technology
  • Three Reverb Algorithms (Hall, Plate, Room)
  • Two Delay Types (Mono, Stereo Ping Pong)
  • Five Pre-Verb Effects (Pitch, Throat, Tube, De-Esser, Reverse)
  • Five Post-Verb Effects (Auto-EQ, Tone Shaper, Compressor, Gate, Width)
  • Apple Silicon Native M1/Pro/Max/Ultra Compatibility