Xhun Hot Circuits expansion


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Little One Electronic, Alternative, EDM lovers expansion

Hot Circuits represents the third of a series, a spiritual successor to Electro Punks and Tension Peaks expansions. As for the previous chapters, Electronic, Alternative, EDM lovers will find this presets and sequences collection extremely useful and versatile while its multiform nature will catch everyone else, making it a reference also for Film soundtracks and Ambient music composers.


  • Genre: Electronic, EDM, and Alternative
  • 68 Presets
  • Spiritual Successor to Electro Punks
  • Sequencer and Trancegate Sounds
  • For Ambient Music Composers
  • Successor to Tension Peaks Expansions
  • Genre: Electronic, EDM, and Alternative
  • Expands Sounds for LittleOne Synthesizer


Notes OS X 10 and later
Notes Win 7 and later